“Your Slip Is Showing”


Years ago, it was commonplace for women to wear undergarments called slips. Slips were bothersome because they could shift and hang beneath the hem of your dress. This was a huge faux pas. If you were fortunate, a sister girl would have your “back” and tip you off to your wardrobe malfunction.

As women and sisters in the Body of Christ, we must likewise have one another’s “back” in the spirit. If a sister is taken in a fault, we must love her enough to warn her and tell her when her “spiritual” underpinnings are not right. If we do it right, we will deepen our bond with her and prevent the enemy from getting a stronghold on her. Hopefully, she will there to do the same for you.

Scardy Cats

Nowadays, Christians are hesitant to correct or rebuke because they don’t want to be seen as judgmental. But truthfully, judgment has it’s place in the Body of Christ. Think about Galatians 4:11. Peter was eating openly with the Gentiles (sinners), but when the Jews (church folk) came around, he two-facedly rejected them. His fault influenced others to do the same! Thankfully, Paul was there to tell Peter his “slip” was showing so Peter could correct the hypocritical behavior.

Or how about when Nathan went to David to tell him his “slip” was showing after David slept with Bathsheba? (Read 2Samuel 12 for the scoop). David was able to repent and continue toward his destiny. Godly judgment in kindness is better than secret love.

Lovingly Honest

Godsy Girl, be courageous enough to tell your sister if her “slip” is showing and be humble enough to receive the truth when yours is.

Some will agree, some will disagree – but all should think about it.

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