Your faith has saved you!


Guard your faith.

Have you ever thought about how valuable your faith i?  You know, the ability to hope, to rely on and wholly trust in Jesus.  The enemy of our souls is after our faith. He understands its worth. Faith paralyzes him where as doubt empowers the kingdom of hell.

The Bible mentions the shield of faith “which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one”.  No wonder he has a spiritual bullseye on your faith! Your faith is powerful, priceless and crucial for spiritual warfare.

Remember when Jesus told Peter how the enemy wanted to destroy him? In Luke 22:32, He says:

“…But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail.”

Funny, that Jesus didn’t say something like “I prayed that Satan would leave you alone” or “I prayed you’d be able to understand things”.  No, He said “…that your faith not fail”. This should be our prayer in times of struggle.

So, guard your faith. Ignore the whispers of the enemy that try to make you doubt and question God’s promises.  Fight Him with the Word of God when he threatens your Godly confidence, when he challenges your Godly choices or when he smirks at your lifestyle.  His wicked voice may come from friends, mates, logic or even the pulpit.  Refute it, ignore it…no…don’t ignore it! Battle it with the Word of God! Knock it down in Jesus name!

Know your Word, Know Your God and hold on to your faith in Jesus!

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