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A GodsyGirl is a like a breath of fresh air (the Christian woman, not the blog). Her spirit refreshes those in which comes in contact. That’s what this over -40 Christian woman blogger wants to do – empower us all to be spiritually refreshing. GodsyGirl is Christian women

Since I’ve started blogging Godsy Girl, I’ve gotten a few emails about the term and what it really means. Essentially, Godsy Girl is a blog for today’s Christian woman. It features encouraging articles and insights written by me – Teri Worten Brooks.

Godsy Girl is a term the Lord gave me a years ago. Before the WWJD movement, I’d ask myself “What would a Godsy Girl do?” during life’s temptations. The name kind of stuck with me. Similarly, it must have hit a “nerve” with other women because I’ve been getting emails from Godsy Girls all across the country! I never expected this much interest! Holla, Godsy Girls, Holla!

A Little Definition

Essentially, a Godsy Girl is a Christian woman [of any age] consumed with becoming just like Christ according to I John 2:6. She strives to walk in love, patience and kindness; but she’s no pushover. She knows her identity in Christ and doesn’t settle for foolishness – just as Jesus didn’t.

Do know: she knows she’s not perfect or sinless in herself, but she wants to per-fect (“complete, mend, restore, strengthen”) what is missing in the Body of Christ as directed in 2Corinthians 13:11. I love that the Amplified Bible also adds being “what you ought to be” to the definition. That’s Godsy at it’s best!

Godsy Girls can be single Christian women, married Christian women or divorced Christian women. She can be raising children; not interested in children or living the life of a seasoned Christian dynamo. Regardless of her age, a Godsy Girl(tm) is God’s Girl through and through.

Godsy Girl and Ministry

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A Godsy Girl finds creative ways to utilize her spiritual gifts in ministry, service and excellence. Her treasure is her spiritual growth and drawing others to Jesus Christ.

It’s also important to note that I am not a pastor, preacher or evangelist. Just a Christian wife and mom eager to be a blessing and see what the “end is gonna be”.

Grow with me!

Note: The trademark name and domain is protected. Please do not use it without permission or expressed, written authorization.  Please seek God for your own creativity.

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Life is all about freedom, right? Freedom to serve, freedom to support others and free to be ... well...free! Join this mom, pastor's wife and Christian woman on her journey to be relevant, whole and Godsy - typos and all!

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