Tylenol lost their minds!


Google the term relevant and you’ll see this definition:

closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.

As a Christian, I want to be relevant. Don’t you? I want to be a relevant person in my personal life and I want to be relevant in my ministry. Have you discovered how difficult it is to be both relevant and silent?

For example, Tylenol recently reformatted a Norman Rockwell portrait
replacing the traditional parents with gay parents. If you search Google for the original Rockwell portrait “Freedom From Want”, you will see how beautiful the original painting is.

You won’t recognize it now.

I took the time to send an email to Tylenol. All Christians should do the same. The link is www.tylenol.com/contact-us. When most citizens speak up, they are called progressive. When we do speak our positions, we are called “intolerant”, but I don’t care. I will also reach out to those lost in sin, but I will never tolerate it. Please share this on your Facebook and spread the word. Other segments of the world are very vocal about what they believe and its time we do the same! It’s time all Christians become relevant. Speak out. Vote with your money, advocate with your voice.

If you want to see the comments I sent to Tylenol. Let me know.

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