Thank You!


Thanks to everyone for your emails and prayers for my mom. She’s home and growing stronger because of those prayers to a faithful God.

Have you ever thought about that fact that people that you may never meet could be praying for you?

Sometimes, when I see an auto accident or a person walking I ask God to “touch” them. I often pray for their day, their work, their families – all in about two minutes. Those people will never know that I prayed for them, but God knows and He heard that intercessory prayer uttered in faith.

Today, thank God for those people that have prayed for you; and those that are praying for you now. People that you don’t even know love you and are praying for you often…I know I am.

Thanks for reading, love ya…

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  1. First off, I like to say I’m glad to hear your mom is home and doing better. My prayers are with her.

    I’d also like to say Congratulations! I have reviewed “Godsy Girl” and I’m pleased to inform you that your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

    I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog post (still have more to go through) and look forward to future post.

    Welcome aboard and continued success with this blog.

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