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I’m so glad you found my blog baby – a contemporary Christian women’s blog!   First, let me tell you I’m a wife to a wonderful, handsome and kind man.  He just happens to be a pastor. I also have two kiddos (one old enough to have an MBA) the other one hopes to be in the NBA when he grows up.

Traditional is not a word I would use to describe me.

Sometimes, I wish I were more “normal”, but I’m not “run of the mill” in any area of my life. I’m me. I often push the limits and challenge what I think is … well… stupid. I am not a big fan of doing things just because folks say I’m “supposed” to do them. I rarely wear the “right” clothes and I change my hair color as my moods dictate. Again, I’m me. Take me as I come and I’ll take you as you come.  That’s freedom.

a killer contemporary Christian women's blog Follow Me on Pinterest
Why not get another hole in my head?

I love Jesus Christ in a real and personal way. My Christian walk is a journey and an adventure like no other! As I strive to be more like Him, I’m unlearning many things my legalistic Christian start imparted. But, I’m also holding on to some of the relevant foundations it rendered. I believe in knowing God’s word, praying long and hard and speaking up for what is right. I thank the Church of God in Christ of the 70s and 80s for teaching me that.

The Assembly of God church (Sheffield Family Life Center) took me a bit further.  That’s where I learned freedom in Jesus and that women could wear red lipstick and still be saved. Ha!

 Why I started and created GodsyGirl…

I created GodsyGirl.Com back when I was a stay-at-home mom figuring out what it meant to be a senior pastor’s wife. Not sure I know now, but I’m at peace with every aspect of it.  Blogging serves as journal.  It helps me reflect on my victories and finds ways to manage my struggles.

Personally, I don’t believe just because we were born into sin that we have to live in it. I accept no excuses for myself and I won’t for you either. Our entire reason for living is to be conformed into the image of Christ and to bring glory to His name. So, I’m not a fan of lifestyle choices that deflect from that.

That’s why GodsyGirl is all about growing spiritually and maturing in Christianity.

In the end, I never want to offend anyone; however, I don’t really care that much. As long as I’m doing and saying what God wants – and He is pleased – I’m not worried about man’s opinions.   Everything I write is to encourage women, challenge us all and glorify the mighty God of the universe! Yep, that’s GodsyGirl.

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