Prayer for driving in bad weather



Need a prayer for driving home in bad weather (or anytime)?

Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for being my Helper and my Protector. (Psalm 27:7)

I know you will  help me drive safely and alertly today. You will protect me from all harm.*

Please give your angels charge over me, so that no harm will come to me. ( 91:11)

You said when I call upon you, you will answer me. I’m calling upon your might name and power right now (Psalm 91:14) .

Thank you, Jesus.

Just as a medication does no good until it is applied,. I apply your promises to my life with my faith.

I believe you will protect me; I stand on your Words  I am able to do this because of the

access Jesus Christ gave all Christians who believe upon His name.

Where I am weak, help my unbelief. Lord, and give me your peace as I drive home today.  (John 14:27)

Even if I am afraid, I will trust in you, Lord. (Psalm 56:3). I will play music to help me

worship You as I drive. You are worthy of all praise! Thank you for making

my going out and my coming and blessed. (Deut 28:6)

In Jesus name, Amen.


Now, put some worship music and praise God all the way to your destination!

Have you read this book? It’s one of my favorite books of prayers based on scripture. I use it as sort of a devotional.

839799: Prayers That Avail Much, Volume 1: Collector"s Edition Prayers That Avail Much, Volume 1: Collector’s Edition
By Germaine Copeland / Harrison House* Tap into the power of intercessory prayer! Encouraging you to approach the throne of grace with faith and trust, this collector’s edition of Copeland’s bestseller will help you take God at his Word as you ask him for salvation of the lost, victory over fear, the ability to walk in wisdom, and more. 112 pages, softcover from Harrison House.

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