Praise God!


I had the distinct honor of sharing an evening with women from Sheffield Family Life Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship, praise and worship. May I always stay “amazed” by God’s awesome greatness.

Many thanks to First Lady Annette Westlake, my dear friend Brenda Lax and the entire Women’s Ministry leadership team for letting me come home for a bit.

Also, much gratitude to all my friends, sisters, family and babies from Macedonia Baptist Church in Kansas City. Your support and love humble me. You’re living proof of God’s grace, love and care.

Ok. As promised, here’s the PowerPoint: click here to download the link for your Christian workshop or event. Remember, being a woman of “excellence” starts, ends and concludes with “prompt, whole-hearted action, obedience, and submission to God’s direction, timing, plans, commandments and methodology.”

It’s all about Him, Amen?

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