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Planning Women’s Prayer Breakfasts and Workshop

Some of the most popular pages on GodsyGirl.Com are my random tools for ministry leaders and planners.  Women’s ministry is one of my foremost passions. I’ve worked in various areas of ministry, but my favorite was that of ministering to women.

Well, whatever demographic God has assigned you, here are a few tips for your next Christian women’s workshop or women’s prayer breakfast:

1. Plan. Never blindly plan an event without designing at least 3 outcomes (or goals) for it.  Pray and ask God what He wants to accomplish through your Christian women’s event, then organize and plan it well. Write your plan with the “end result” in mind. Ex. if growing spiritually is your outcome, try having workshops on studying the Bible in 1 hour or less.  If you want women to build relationships with one another, then research (or delegate finding) activities, energizers or fun games to help women get acquainted.  Feel free to use some I created.  Click here to view. I like to create games with these.  Email me if you want an idea or two. I’ll do my best to respond (or someone will).

2. Planning documents rock! Always use an event planning document to keep you on track. Try including tasks (and to do) lists for each job. Here is one my team use used for my Christian women’s tea. I have  a word for a poorly organized event  – RAGGEDY. Don’t be raggedy, ok? Ok.

3. Pray for good speakers. Don’t ask someone to speak because they are popular or “connected”. Ask God for suggestions and then pray about the selection. Do not settle. Speakers must be anointed, equipped and able to communicate God’s vision. What’s worse than attending an event with speaker who shouldn’t be …well speaking? Trust me, the women will remember it and may not want to attend your next ministry event.

Think quality. God’s women deserve nothing less, Amen?

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