Morning show hooey: Watch your step


This morning, while watching one of my favorite morning shows I chuckled. First, a man doing a simple, everyday workout made wild claims his exercises stimulated the brain. Pssst…Does’t just about any exercise do that?

Then you had a lady saying we need to reassess our friends and get rid of those that don’t met OUR expectations. Sure, we often need to ‘weed and seed’ our relationships, but there are so many other factors involved in the process than our expectations.
In all honesty, the entire show wasn’t peddling such bull chips, but those two segments, back to back, inspired Godsy Girl eye roll.
You know, life is complex demanding critical thought and lots of prayer. Just because something comes on television, and a well-dressed, well-coiffed person says it; doesn’t make it so.
Isaiah 58:11 reminds us the Lord God Jehovah will eternally guide and lead us, especially when we ask. There are no dark rooms with Him; no uncertain corners, no dark alleys. He knows all, and will direct you through all and protect you through all. Simply ask.
He guides through grief, chaos, family problems, marital woes, relationship issues, sickness, financial lack, prosperity, workplace conflict, depression, oppression and anything else that threatens your peace.
He gives wisdom when you ask and discernment (when you listen). He’ll guide you through the rigors of life one step at a time.
Sooooo, watch out for and step around the hooey of this world.

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