Living Before an Audience of One


Note: I wrote this post for “GodsyGirl – Pastors Wives“, but it’ll bless you too!

Yesterday, I was blessed to be on a radio show that focused on the manifold challenges woman married to pastors manage.

Let me tell you, it was one of the most exhilarating conversations I’ve had the privilege of participating in. The conversation included the host (a former minister’s wife), the pastor’s wife of my youth and myself.

The dialogue was open, honest and the only limitation on the candor was that of time.

One thing I had hoped to convey and I strive to do daily is to perform my life for an audience of One. You know who that One is. 🙂

In our role it is incredibly easy to fall prey to the “spotlight” and live our lives for other people. We can live for their praise, acknowledgement, validation and recognition. What a huge mistake!

God has called you to serve Him and Him only. It’s all about Him- about Him only! Even our outreach and ministry to others is to please our Father. Our spiritual performance is because of and a humble sacrifice to Him. So, keep your eyes and expectations locked on the Lord and His Kingdom.

Sis, everything you do, wear, say and give is for His glory and honor. His eyes are the only ones that matter.

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