Liberty to Be FREE!


Yesterday, my sister in Christ blessed me.

We were in Sunday school when we happened upon the topic of forgiveness. We understood that we should forgive others (that’s a no brainer) , but as we dug a bit into the concept, something beautiful happened.

My sister (I love you, Angie!) shared a testimony of how forgiveness ushered her into a place of spiritual liberty and freedom. It was beautifully obvious, because she began worshiping and praising God for His mighty hand in her life and the move of the Holy Spirit in her situation. She had that uncontainable praise that resides deep in one’s spirit.

“I asked God to renew a right spirit in me” she said “He’ll do it!”

That encounter blessed me because it reminded me that to be truly free of the oppression of bitterness, we have to walk in God’s type of forgiveness. Now, it may look different for different folks, but in the end it’s all about keeping your heart pure (free of offense, indignation and hate) before the eyes of God. His eyes are the ones that matter most.

At times, you may not be able to articulate to people that you forgive them because they have passed on or moved away. They may never know that you “blotted out their offense”. But God knows. He knows that you released them in your heart; and He’ll be able to bless you with fresh blessings because you did. His Holy Spirit will counsel you on how to proceed in relationship with them, if necessary. Sometimes fellowship must cease, but your Christian love for them cannot ever cease.

Release that mother.
Release that father.
Release that child.
Release that husband.
Release that family member.
Release that sibling.
Release that “ex”.
Release that co-worker.
Release that pastor.
Release that church member.
Release that boyfriend.
Release that in-law.
Release that driver.
Release that woman.
Release that man.
Release the Lord.

Whomever you feel hurt you or let you down – release them now in Jesus name! Be whole. Be free!

In the End, Godsy Girl…
Keep your heart clean before your Father. Forgive as He forgave you and your worship will be pure, free and contagious… just like Angie’s.

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