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When you have little people around most of the time, it feels a little peculiar when they are out of your sight. Even if for a moment, a mommie grows troubled when they are out of view.

One day while out and about, I lost eye shot of my three-year old, John. I looked around and was concerned when I didn’t see him. I walked a few feet to see if my oldest son, Ben, had seen him. I didn’t see him either.

Then I heard that familiar, high-pitched giggle and spotted my “baby-cakes” walking toward me with his big brother. “Oh yeah, he was with Ben” I thought to myself. All was well.

An Interesting Parallel
One of life’s most difficult hardships is the death of a loved one. Two of my brothers died suddenly several years ago and not one day goes by that I don’t think of them. Today, one in particular crept into my mind’s eye. It was the brother who was closest in age to  me – Eric. He was a jovial, loving “teddy bear” of a fellow. Five years older than me, I tenderly referred to him as my “big” brother. And boy, was he protective of me! In fact, he often grew somewhat jagged when he perceived me to be mistreated. Although he was big guy, he had a sweet vulnerability that made him lovable to most everyone he encountered. But, he did not “play” when it came to his little sister.

I miss him. I miss his smile.

Well, today while driving home from a birthday party, I began to grieve for Eric a bit. It wasn’t tearful; it was just that longing you get from time to time when you’ve lost someone. I thought of the softness in his eyes and the warmth of his smile. For a minute I got that initial “feeling” of angst that is recognizable to most grieving people.

Then it hit me.

Eric is fine! He’s in the presence of the sweet, gentle and kind Savior. He has no pain. His spirit is enveloped in spiritual serenity and the kind of peace every Christian on earth is longing to experience. He experiences the intense beauty of God’s handiwork up close and personal all of the time! Eric can talk to grandpa and grandma anytime he wants. Jesus, himself, is within reaching distance. He’s ok.

Eric’s commitment to Christ became sure and certain toward the end of his life and I know that I will see him again. He’s not lost – I didn’t lose him. His whereabouts are unambiguous. As my eyes pondered the promises of God, I became comforted. As you can imagine, the sadness instantaneously transformed into that sort of peace I had when John-John was semi-lost. I thought to myself “oh yeah, Eric is with Jesus”. He’s not lost. All is well.

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