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I’m not sure if this entry is best suited for or my blog for senior pastors wives… or maybe both. By the time I finish writing, I’ll know which.

Recently, a pastor’s wife asked me [online]how I manage “church groupies”. She was referring to those poor women that fall in love with the persona of pastors. Her question, direct in nature, evoked several emotions – ironically, irritation was one of them. I wasn’t angry at the person for inquiring. It was something else.

You know, after over twenty years of walking with the Lord, I understand a “little bit” about how this Christian “thing” works. I also understand (and have fallen victim to) the tired, age-old plots of the enemy of our souls. His tricks are actually not new, but just parallel in nature.

He tries the same schemes in numerous ways to “trip” you up on your Christian walk and pull you away from God’s plan for your life. Sometimes, we help him, but more often than not, he’s the guilty party planting those initial seeds in your unsuspecting mind. This “dance” of sorts, creates the need for us to make a decision. We must choose whether we will trust God or trust our own abilities or sensibilities.

Ok. I’m still in subject, trust me. This is important.

One of his most effective ways to hinder is to plant itty-bitty, seemingly innocent, seeds of doubt in gullible, unmade-up, and often, immature minds. If he’s not tempting us by muttering confusion temptations, (as he did in the Garden of Eden) he’s depositing [faith-challenging] thoughts that draw us away from God; usually by our own lust and desires. Oh yes, he also loves to conjure up past disappointments and pain, so you’ll question your present day circumstances. How right Joyce Meyer was when she said in the “Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind” that our heads is where the true war ensues.

So, you get it- you have an enemy.

Back to the question and why I was frustrated.
Let me first say, I’m no where near perfect, nor have attempt to imply that I have “arrived”.

To that, I say…Puh-leaze!

Gosh, I’m not perfect, least of all, in the ability to protect myself. Hey, aside from God, I have no power to guard my home, my children, myself and least of all, my mate. I must rely on God and His ability to sustain every part of my life and everything in it. It’s all Him; He holds everything together. Of course, my husband plays a role, but ultimately, his accountability is to God and should he ever descend to wickedness, God can handle him much better than I ever could!  To be clear, this not about my wonderful hubby, but how easily we can fall into doubt and insecurity if we misplace our trust and focus in man rather than

So, I really don’t stress or lose energy over what too many people do anymore. Sometimes, trusting is a struggle, but I’m training my spirit; beating it into submission until this discipline becomes part of the very core of nature. Thank God for the Holy Spirit….and my mama! (ha ha)

God protects everything in our lives and it would be useless for us to lose sleep trying to do His job. Even when you *think* He’s let you down, you realize eventually, that He didn’t. Nothing is impossible with Him and He never slumbers or needs sleep. However, I do. So, with that….all God needs for me to say is…”goodnight”. Honey, He’s got it covered.

Will you join me as I continue to re-program my mind,
heart and emotions to trust God’s ability to handle….well, everything?



Don’t allow the enemy’s lies, doubts and schemes throw you off track. Again, He’s got you covered and He’s up to something very good in your life. No worries, no insecurities, just trust in a trustworthy God.

“Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.”
Psalm 127:1

Also, check out:

Luke 1:37

Psalm 16:5

Romans 12:2

2 Cor. 2:11

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  1. Teri this post was most awesome – now I KNOW we’re on the same wave, we were just talking about this very subject at our home fellowship this past friday night! I am sharing this post with them asap!!!! Sometimes the enemy doesn’t even have to get us to “sin” per say, but even if he can just keep us preoccupied with all kinds of worries and fear and junk that we become ineffective, he’s accomplished his goal – we must be alert, watchful and wary and always remember the weapons of our warfare are not carnal! I pray the eyes of our hearts be enlightened and we put our “spiritual eyes” and and see these attacks from the enemy for what they are, rebuke it, and get back to what we are meant to do….shine!

    Two books that I have really been digging: waking the dead by john eldredge and the sacred romance by brent curtis and john eldredge….aweosmeeeeee

  2. You are absolutely right in that our mind is the true battlefield of the faith. I’ve read part of Myer’s book, and I think it’s really good. Good work!

  3. I really need to hear those words of encouragement. I have been down on my faith here lately I know this because I am worrying about I’m going to get this and that paid and if I will ever find a job. I don’t know Gods plan for me, but I do know that I must keep the faith. Pray for me and I will pray for you

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