Getting through the bad times…


God asks:

“Will you praise me through the hard times? Disappointments? Troubles? Grief? Doubt? Loneliness and fear?”

Worship frees your spirit and re-aligns your focus on to the might of your God. In the most difficult of life’s distresses, don’t neglect your worship. Force it. Push through the pain and magnify the only one with your solution, help and refuge.

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  1. you speak truth! My dear friend Zena would tell me through the different seasons of her life (and there have been many, she is 79 years old) she would utter these three words “I PRAISE YOU”…over and over again….even when she was in such despair that she didn’t know how to pray, but she would force herself to utter those words and worship….I PRAISE YOU….I will never forget that as it has taught me how much the art of thankfulness and gratitude are the nucleus of wonder and joy in my day to day life…..I PRAISE YOU……this is an awesome worship song…..playing it for my sophia right now 🙂

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