Getting dogs? – The cause and effect of life


I don’t listen to T.D. Jakes, or any TV preachers as much as I used to; but when I miss service, I hunger for God’s Word and crave praise and worship. Know what I mean?

So, glad I watched today. He said something that was heavy, pregnant and over-flowing with wisdom.

Check out this quote and ask the Holy Spirit where it might apply to your life:

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In context, he’s basically explaining cause and effect principles. Also, stop settling.

Question For the GodsyGirl:

In what area of life are you not getting the desired results?

Don’t know your Word? Do you spend time in it?

Spiritually weak? Do you spend ample time in prayer?

Gaining wait? (note to self: NO MORE Girl Scout cookies! Ouch!)

Getting sick often? Inventory how you take care of yourself (another ouch)

You get the picture.

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  1. fabulous post! This past September I felt the Holy Spirit lay it on my heart to send a letter of apology for retaliating in an email two years ago to someone who said very hurtful things. I should have just let it go, but instead I retaliated. *shame on me* oh my soul grieves that I acted out in the flesh on that. Back in September 2010, I was listening to a speaker who said something so poignant that it is still ringing in my ears. She asked everyone what is the one thing the Holy Spirit has been laying on our hearts lately, is he telling us to do something? to give up something? to stop reading or watching something? what is he asking you to do? She said, you won’t get the “next” thing until you do the “one” thing you’ve been told you to do…..I felt my heart quicken that I should write this letter, yet I confess I still had been struggling with sending it.

    Then came this poignant devotional from Sharyn Jaynes a day later…it said:

    “Do not quench the Spirit” (1 Thessalonians 5:19 NASB). The Holy Spirit speaks to us to convict us of sin, but sometimes I think we have “spiritual ear wax build-up” which causes us to have a difficult time hearing His voice! In my own life, when the Holy Spirit speaks to me concerning a particular sin, it is almost as if He is screaming at me to stop and think about what I’m getting ready to do or the potential consequences of my unholy actions. If I ignore His promptings, the next time His voice isn’t quite as loud. Eventually, if I continue to choose to ignore the Holy Spirit’s voice, I may not hear His voice at all. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, “Do not put out the Holy Spirit’s fire” (I Thessalonians 5:19 NIV). Another version says, “Do not quench the Spirit” (NASB). Each time we ignore Him, we diminish our ability to hear His voice.

    Let’s say I turn the television to a program that I know God would not want me to watch. I feel the Holy Spirit’s conviction and sense Him speaking to me to turn the television off and not fill my mind with visions and words that are unpleasing to God. If I ignore the Holy Spirit and watch the program, it is like I get “spiritual ear wax build up” and the next time the Holy Spirit speaks His voice is not quite as clear. I believe with all my heart that turning a deaf ear to the Holy Spirit’s conviction in our lives will lead to a serious case of spiritual hearing loss. The only solution is repentance – which is more than saying, “I’m sorry.” It is agreeing with God that your actions are sin, and then turning and going in the opposite direction.

    continued in next post….

  2. continued from last post:

    Once someone accepts Jesus as his or her personal Savior, the Holy Spirit comes and takes up residence in that person (Romans 8:8-9). “You yourselves are God’s temple and God’s Spirit lives in you” (I Corinthians 6:19). Because the Holy Spirit abides in each believer, we should expect Him to speak to us on a regular basis. But each time we resist the Spirit (Acts 7:51), grieve the Spirit (Ephesians 4:29) or quench the Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19 NASB), we throw a cup of water onto the flame. The Holy Spirit won’t leave us, but His power in our lives may be reduced to a smoldering ember if we refuse to listen.

    And so here we are, four months later, and at bible study 2 weeks ago, we were talking about “obedience.” I truly believe that obedience is our greatest weapon against the enemy. I confessed that the Lord laid it on my heart to send this letter and I still had not sent it. I had thought about it quite a bit, and sincerely intended to sit down and write it. It felt like one thing after another kept me consumed, and every time I would sit down to the computer to get into some deep thought, I would be met with distractions. But I know I must be obedient. If I am not faithful with this thing, God won’t give me the “next thing.” yes? and so, I wrote and mailed “the letter” – who knows, maybe by me admitting my stubornness and confessing my lack of obedience on this issue with a declaration to commitment to doing it, that perhaps someone else might feel inclined to think on if there is something the Lord had told them to do but still hadn’t done it, and that perhaps it might move them to do so.

    So that’s the scoop bella, sorry it was so long…..

    I am just grateful that the Lord continues to pick me up out of the muck and myre and give me a bath when I need it LOL….

    sigh….amazing grace……

  3. Don’t be weirded out by this, but Mangiabella, I love you, Sis! This is so good, I think I should make it a “guest” post on Godsy Girl. Are ya game? I’ll be sure to link to your site. Email me your thoughts, Sis.

    Blessings and love!

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