First Things First, Godsy Girl


I recently had an epiphany. It was alarming and, quite honestly, a bit disturbing.

After a long, cold Midwest winter, I discovered that many of my clothing garments-particularly those that I wear on the lower portion of my body – have seem to shrunk. It’s true! All by themselves, they reduced a size smaller!

Now, the scary part of all this self-discovery is that I was, well, surprised. I couldn’t believe that I had put on so much weight so quickly! But had you hung out with me between October and February, you’d understand and you’d believe it!


There is an element of life called cause and effect. Essentially, that means if you do one thing; a likely result will incur. Sometimes the results are favorable; other times not so much.

In my personal situation, I used food for something it was never mean to be – entertainment, fun and pleasure. When my friends congregate, we eat…lunch, dinner, whatever. So, I cannot be surprised I gained a few pounds. Poor food choices rendered a likely result.

Comedic aside, I don’t share this personal information for comments or jokes. I will not receive them well. However, my point is to use my weakness to illustrate something that may help you and I in other areas of life.

There is an effect to that cause and a cause to that effect
For instance, what you nurture in your life will produce a result. Whether it be your job, your children, your marriage or your friendships – where you sow the most energy will likely blossom.

The negative is also true. When you neglect an area of your life, you may not like the result. Just as it was foolish for me to imagine those recurrent visits to the Cheesecake Factory wouldn’t add to my hips, it’s just as foolish to expect growth and maturation from things (and people) you ignore.

Today, get your cause and effects right in your life, dear Godsy Girl. Invest your time and energy in the proper order of priorities. If you don’t, one day you may call your adult child to find bitterness from your recurrent absences and emotional distance.

Think of that girlfriend you love to hang out with. Imagine calling her to discover that she’s grown tired of your broken promises and hectic, busy schedule. Or worse, your mate may grow disgusted with you putting everything (and everyone) else before him in your life. Don’t be surprised by life’s unpleasant effects. Cause and effect – a scary and sobering though.

Blunt, but true. Keep the first things first: God, family and labor. That’s a whole other blog posts!

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