Finding time to pray …very important!


Stop the noise and pray!

Did you hear it?

That still small voice beckoning you to prayer time with the Lover of your soul. He understands that life gets busy and the myriad of demands on your life, but still, He beckons. Praying while driving is ok. It’s fine to pray when you shop, but there is something magical about time alone, set aside and protected for fellowship with Jesus.

My husband is leading our church in the study of an amazing Christian curriculum called “Your Church Experiencing God Together“. It’s absolutely amazing. It shines the all-important spotlight on our need to serve one another, love one another and support one another in the corporate Body of Christ.

In this season of mega churches, the local church has grown cold and sterile (as my fellow blogger Mangiabella said). Christ is our Head, but sometimes, I think we’ve lost our heart. I agree wholeheartedly with my husband’s decision for us to experience this curriculum in small groups.I’m very excited about it!

But, at the same time, never, ever neglect your own personal quiet time with the Lord. It is during this time away from everyone else that the Holy Spirit re-fuels you and strengthens you for living your daily Christian life – both inside and outside the church. You can work all you want in the church, but if you are running on spiritual fumes, you will be nothing more than a mean, impatient church member that can’t worship freely. Who needs that? Love Him in private and loving Him in public is liberating and organic!

Go ahead, begin with 5 uninterrupted minutes of prayer and work your way toward more time. Soon, you’ll wonder how you managed without regular, everyday time with your Father!

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  1. yes yes yes, to lose heart is to lose everything! It is so critical we set aside uninterrupted, undiluted time in His presence…daily! If we are only making time for quickie prayers, we’re surviving on crumbs!

    Just finished reading “The Sacred Romance” by Brent Curtis & John Eldredge with the workbook that accompanies it…sigh…what a refreshment it was. I was eager to read it after reading John Eldredge’s “Waking the Dead” which definitely awakened something inside of me….and I was not disappointed…it took me on a journey that I never want to return from, and likely never will….but the workbook was a must!

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