Doing what God wants me to do


what does god want me to know today

It’s difficult to know God’s will – AT TIMES. Other times,

I ask “What does God want me to know today”

and the answer is as clear as the toes on my feet. Doing what God wants me to do is easy…if only I’d do it.
Sometimes, we can just do entirely too much.

Let me give you some context for all this.
Today, I made a quickie, unplanned stop to my local beauty supply store. I didn’t really need anything urgent.  I simply thought I just might be in the mood to shampoo my hair later in the day, so I picked up some styling mousse. Truthfully, it was one of the few times I didn’t have my 10 year-old tagging along with me and I felt mommy freedom. You moms know how we relish those kid-free moments when they happen. It was nice to be un-tethered for a bit, which put me in one of those “where can I go?” sort of moods.

With no real intention or resolution, I dashed into the store and grabbed any kind of mousse I could find. No big deal. Then, I headed straight to the register to check out. The girl behind it seemed distant; I could tell she didn’t want to be bothered.

“How are you today?” I asked rifling through my handbag searching for my wallet.

I looked up and she was crying – actually crying.

My heart shattered into a million pieces.  I jumped into action (you know how we do) and reminded her God loved her and hadn’t forgotten her. We prayed.  She seemed embarrassed and apologized for the tears.

“There is nothing wrong with crying.  God made us to be able to cry”, I said.

As I chatted with her, I prayed to the Lord for guidance.

Should I give her my number?”  I felt like the answer was no.

I got in my car and thought “Man, she needs my number”. I sat there a moment.

All the way home, I wanted to turn the car around, return to the store to give her my number so I could help fix her problem or at least be there for her.

About that time, I decided to get the store’s number from the receipt so I could call her and give her my number. Sort of knowing it wasn’t what God told me to do, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to block me if I was moving outside His plan.

Someone answered the phone. It wasn’t her voice.

“Did I just talk to you?  I asked. “I was wearing a red dress.”

The person on the other end responded with confusion and a bit of frustration “Huh?” No, I don’t think so.”

I felt the Lord say “Teri.  I order your steps.  You know My voice.  You did what I wanted you to do in that moment.

God doesn’t talk to me all the time, but when He does, I really do know His voice.  So, why was I confusing things?

Are you ready for a real gut laugh now?

You’re going to crack up at me and I don’t blame you one bit! It’s funny in a sad, pitiful way.

Soooo… I get all the way home and decide: “I’m going back to that store and give her my number”. #hardheaded

*Insert laughter*

I drive back to the store, walk in and see she isn’t there. I probably looked like a shoplifter casing the joint, because I was just wandering around. The store clerked looked suspicious of me and I didn’t blame her.   In order to play it all off, I purchased some eye shadow….

that I didn’t need…

that costs $6.00.

I felt God laughing all the way from heaven.  I know He was shaking His head thinking “that girl is a mess.”

Have you ever done something similar?

Have you ever tried to take the reins and do more than you needed to do?

Years ago, the Lord taught me I was capable of getting in His way when I act on my own. You can too.

Even with the best intentions, we can “spring into action” and get in the way of His perfect plans. So many times, I’ve given strangers rides, money and even invited them into my home. It was the right thing to do in those moments because He was leading me. Today, I was acting in my own will. Doing the right thing…but, not according to His will.

The lesson we must all learn…
The truth of the matter is He doesn’t need any of us.  God can crack open heaven to give people exactly what they need at any given moment.  No, He doesn’t need us.  We’re just blessed that He can use us.

Doing what God wants me to do is a honor; I just need to make sure it is something HE wants me to do.

There you have it.  That’s my story of trying to do something in my own strength.  Think how much time we would all save if we would just listen to Him and obey Him the first time?

Oh well.  At least I have some new eye shadow…and a fresh lesson in allowing God to order my steps.  The next time I ask “what does God want me to know today“…I’ll listen and obey.

It’s all good. Jeremiah 7:23 is for big things and little ones.

Thanks for reading. I hope it made you chuckle.  If I did, leave me a comment. Also, be sure to subscribe and share with your friends. 🙂 It would mean a lot.


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  1. Haha! Made me laugh as I can totally relate to the stubbornness! Why do we do that?? Do we honestly think we know better than God Almighty?! Haha. Enjoy the new eyeshadow!

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