Does God see everything?


Have you ever been treated unfairly?  Have you ever felt that a wicked person’s influence (or power) will last an eternity?  Well, if you are going through that season now, give me a minute to remind you of the loving awesomeness of your God. 
Just as He saw the inequities of the children of Israel, He sees what the enemy is trying to do by the hands of man.  He sees you in the midst of the attack and He sees what the enemy is trying to do to hurt you.  He hears the evil words they speak to (and about) you and trust me; God is working on your justice. 
I love the way Psalms 94:8 outlines this truth: 
“Pay heed, you senseless among the people;
And when will you understand, stupid ones?”
Then the Psalmist goes on to say:“He who planted the ear, does He not hear?
He who formed the eye, does He not see?
He who chastens the nations, will He not rebuke,
Even He who teaches man knowledge?
The Lord knows the thoughts of man,
That they are a mere breath.”
In other words, God is not intimidated by your enemy.  He is still the God of all power and might!  And know that this same almighty God continues to hear, rebuke and know exactly what your adversaries is up to. 
You are covered, Godsygirl Girl.  Fret not.  At this very moment, a covert mission is in action to render you victorious. Hallelujah!  Rest assured that Jesus is behind the scenes working to make everything work out for your good.  You are always on His mind and He makes constant intercession for you, Girl! So, hold your head up high!
Praise Him now with me!



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