“Christian” – the New Dirty Word


When some people hear the word “Christian”, red flags are raised followed by a impenetrable wall. You can almost see it happening. Wild.

The truth is that many people just feel uncomfortable around Christians. For years, Christians attributed it to the fact that “sinners” felt uneasy around the “light” of Jesus Christ. Perhaps.

But the truth of the matter is that some of us are just plain….scary. We talk in what I call “Bible-ese”- a language most folks don’t understand. We use words like “favor”, “blessed” “victorious”, etc. These are good words, but most people outside the church don’t have a clue what we’re talking about.

Winning Souls
Our walk on this earth is largely about introducing people to the loving, saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To win them for Christ, we must be wise. We must be accessible and we must live a life above our circumstances. and emotions. This is what makes people want and long for what we have.

You know, it is easier to spout platitudes about Jesus than to actually “live” Godly in this world. For instance, how hard it is to say “you need Jesus, He is a Savior to all”? Pretty easy to say, huh? But what about tougher is it to turn the other cheek when someone attacks you? Or to bless that joker that cuts you off in traffic? MUCH harder, yes?

The key to making Christianity accessible and “cool” again lies in walking a very fine line. The line is between showing our humanity to others while living authentic Christian lives according to Christ’s teachings.

It’s okay to struggle.

In fact, the unsaved need to see that we struggle just like them. However, they also need to see us reaching, pressing and striving to be like Christ. Our choices must be God-worthy. Like loving the unlovable. Hugging and blessing people that treat us badly or simply not stealing office supplies from work. Want more examples? You got it! We are kind to our husbands – behind closed doors. We love our neighbors and show our “difference” in real and meaningful ways.

The image of Christianity needs a makeover. We can be the “change” people need to see in order to want to know Christ. I know I’m going to work toward it. How about you?

Leading People to Christ – “The Way of the Master”

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