Before You Complain…Read This.


Today I was tempted.

I fought the urge, but it was a very strong inclination. Here’s where it started: I got out of bed and began to rehearse to God a difficult situation in my life. I hoped that God would give me just the word I needed and a fresh dose of peace as I prayed. Then I heard the quick pitter-pats of my three year-old as he mysteriously appeared at the foot of our bed. His fluffy white “blankie” clutched tightly in his little hands, he hopped into the bed and positioned himself between my husband and I. “Prayer time over – at least for now” I thought.

Then I did it. I turned on the television to see the weather forecast.

My heart instantly sunk into my chest as I watched the turmoil, the pain and the devastation of the people of Haiti. The wails, the chaos and the destruction made me sad and… deeply ashamed.

You see, this morning I was tempted to whine about something rather minute in scale. I wasn’t going to tell anyone but my Lord, but it was “whiny” just the same. Then it all changed. Before I could ponder the words in my spirit, I caught a glimpse of real trouble and genuine pain. Suddenly, my pain was in perspective. After all, I woke up in my warm home. My bed was comfortable and I could easily raise myself from it with my own strength. No one had to lift me from it. I slept rather well because no one telephoned me in the night to advise that a loved one had passed away or fallen victim to a attack. Praise you Jesus.

I glanced over and saw my husband arise to head downstairs to seek the Lord in the morning hours. That’s a blessing– a man that wants to know God and live by His standards. My three-year old is totally healthy, totally thriving gets into the bed of two Christian, loving and hard-working parents –another blessing easy to overlook. My oldest son is strong in integrity and living for Christ. He’s in college and feeling his way through the fresh throngs of adulthood with honesty. Wow! What a faithful God!

I could go on and on about the blessing of having a television or to be able to see a television with healthy eyes, etc. But I won’t. I will say, however, “Praise God” for our Savior. A Savior that can reach down from heaven and heal the hurting – anyone hurting. He can bring restoration to those that have lost everything and make new beginnings for the wounded. Hallelujah for a God – a Father – that invites us all to approach his throne of grace with confidence, so we may find mercy to help us in your time of need. Whether our problem be big or small. He’s a God close by and not afar off.

This day is about over. It’s Wednesday evening. No complaining – only praise to God that makes all things new and prayers for the people of Haiti.

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