Finding your life purpose…


Finding your life purpose...
Finding your life purpose...

Don’t you love it when God steps down from heaven and shows up in your life? I can’t wait to share how He did exactly that for me. Him showing up, lead me right to a reminder to live on purpose. So, if you’re pondering your life meaning or “finding your life purpose on earth”, you’re going to love this Godsy Girl post.

First, let me clarify something for those who think a lot…or maybe too much. We all know God is always “with” us, my above statement is not negating that.  He’s always here supernaturally in the form of His Holy Spirit. That’s a given.  However, every now and then, He comes to us in exceedingly real, meaningful and natural ways. This has been one of those weeks for me.

Earlier this week, I was sort of led to watch a particular on YouTube video by Dr. Myles Munroe. It is called “Myles Munroe – The Power of Purpose (Azusa ’90) – Full Video.” People who are seeking their life mission are Googling stuff like  “Finding your life purpose” should find his books and check out his videos.

Have your heard of Dr. Myles Munroe?

If you’re not familiar, Dr. Munroe was an evangelic pastor from the Bahamas. He was hands-down the most anointed, God-touched man of recent years. He transitioned to heaven in an airplane accident.

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Well, I listened to his sermon on purpose the other day and was almost unable to concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day. It touched me deeply. It remained with me.

The video began with another man, Bernard Jordan, giving a word from God. I almost turned to another video. But, I didn’t. I’m so glad I didn’t.


Finding your life purpose... Follow Me on Pinterest
Finding your life purpose begins with the Creator

Finding your life purpose…begins with Jesus

Have you noticed when God has something for us, it’s always easy to become distracted and not press through to attaining it? I’m glad I did press through my temptation to turn it off.
As the video continued, I noticed his tone was super serious. I almost turned again.  But, again, I’m glad I didn’t because the words that followed re-calibrated my life in ways that I could never explain.  I know I’m teasing you bit, but not intentionally. I want you to know how closely I came go missing something very special. Maybe you’ll learn from my “silliness” and not do the same when God is trying to tell you something.

At the beginning of his sermon, he shared how intentional he was about every single second of his time.  He knew his purpose was for the people of the Bahamas (primarily), so he was adamant about focusing his time on them – His purpose.

That alone is challenging. Too often my time slips by me, does yours?

After watching, I went about my ordinary day.  However, nothing is “ordinary” with God.  As I write this, it is Saturday morning. My house is quiet. I got online to handle some routine blogging tasks. Then, I happened upon a blog post called “New Life”. I read the short, but significant post. You can find it here.

A Blogger inspired me for this finding your life purpose…

The blogger, Treva, shared how she had encountered young people from the Bahamas. She mentioned she met a girl who “… expressed how she was afraid of dying without fulfilling her purpose.”
This young girl’s statement must be – had to be- in direct correlation to the massive (HUGE) reach of Dr. Munroe. See, how God connected those dots in my life? Wild!

At any rate, I’m convinced these children are direct results of Dr. Munroe’s purpose-filled labor. God used this man so unbelievably mightily in his day. His purpose drove him to do things for the kingdom of God that none others were doing. He changed so many lives.  Mine is one. Most American Christians are not aware of his work nor his writings on purpose. It’s our loss.

Back to the sermon. Another striking element of it is that in 1990, Dr. Munroe stated he was aware of his short time on earth. Uncanning and prophetic as he died a relatively young man.

Dr. Munroe once said in this sermons in order to know the purpose of thing, you must ask the Creator of it.  That’s why we read instructions when we buy something.  If we don’t know the intended purpose of a thing, we can do something as foolish as trying to cut a birthday cake with a hammer. Sure, you can divide the cake, but it would not be done as effectively (as a tool designed for that purpose).

Ask your Creator what your purpose is. Listen to this sermon. Knowing your purpose will give you vigor and fervor for your life. It will help you weather the storms of illness, struggle and strain because you will know what you’re here to accomplish. There is a direct word for the people of color, but that’s not the only word. Keep listening.

It will remind you that your comfort is never as important as fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Ask the Apostle Paul and any other Christian martyr.

There is grace in the journey to finding your life purpose.

For me, I know my purpose and admit I have been lax in fulfilling it on the scale God has intended. That’s why – I believe – God led me back to Dr. Munroe’s sermon. I plan to return to this video with a pen and pencil and bury it into my heart.

Here is the video and God bless the person that posted it.  His name is Harmilee Cousin III.

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