Maybe Not Punishment, Maybe Protection


I’m deleting old posts and came across the “oldie” but “goodie”. Hope it blesses you!



“Mommy, did God put Noah in timeout?”

My three-year-old asked this peculiar question during his bedtime story tonight. While reading, we happened upon a page where the big-eyed cartoon Noah looked nervous and scared because he hadn’t heard from God. The children’s book depicted Noah horrified by the torrential rains flooding the earth. To make matters worse, God was silent.

Have you ever felt that way? You served God with your whole heart while the storms of life continually thrash against your faith. The trials seem relentless and you begin to wonder if you are in some sort of “timeout” or chastisement?

Regardless of your struggle, hold on and keep walking in the obedience of His Word. Whatever you’re going through God is close and He still loves you. Whether you have more month than money; or you’re dealing with an agonizing broken heart or even experiencing a loneliness that renders you emotionally numb – just stay on task. He sees you; He hasn’t “dropped” you and He’s sending you everything you need.

At times it may feel like you’re in a spiritual “timeout”, but more often than not, God isn’t disciplining you. In fact, He may be rescuing you from pain and difficulty – just as He did Noah. Trust Him, obey Him, and you’ll be just fine, Godsy Girl.

Update:  my sweetie is no longer 3, but he’s still teaching me more about the Lord in his innocence. 🙂

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