How to trust God more than your doctor


Jesus is a mighty healer

Jesus is still a Healer. #Christianity #Healing #HolySpirit Trust HIM above your doctor.

He always has been a faithful Healer and He always will be. God moves as His people pray.  He hears our cries in the wilderness.  He hears our cries from the mountain tops.  He moves. He acts.

He is true to His word and never ceases or fails to perform it. I love the fact that anything that happens on earth, He foreknew.  I didn’t take Him by surprise. He’s not in heaven awe-struck by the affairs of man. He’s not confused, disabled or uncaring. He is powerful beyond measure. Close. Closer than your next breath and far more dependable. Him you can trust. Him you know will come. Your next breath you can only hope and pray will.

No matter what you are going through today, know He is very acquainted with you and your entire situation.

He doesn’t care about your abilities, your weaknesses or your mishaps. You couldn’t impress the God of the universe if you wanted to!

If you have surrendered your life to Him, you are His. He’s called you by name. You are join-heir with Christ and entitled to the benefits of son-ship.

Your doctor is a resource, but not the source.  God is your Healer. Regardless who [or what] He uses to manifest the healing, He will heal. Regardless of where He manifests it, He can.

Don’t rest your confidence on your doctor. Doctors are wonderful people who have studied hard and practiced their healing arts. You should listen to your doctor, but know he/she is not your exclusive source to health.  A good one will tell you the same. They are resources.  God, the tri-une Creator of all things is your Source.

Trust God.  Trust His word and His promises. Trust God to heal you Follow Me on Pinterest

How to trust Jesus more than your doctor.

1. Remember your medical professional is just a man/woman.  Sure, they have more knowledge and have studied the body, but they are not infallible. God is. He has baffled many a doctor and His will shall prevail. A doctor once said I couldn’t walk because I had no hip socket. I walk. A doctor told my brother he would be dead in 8 weeks. that was 5 years ago. A doctor told me my little boy would have breathing issues. He doesn’t.

2. After you state and determine to trust Jesus more than your prognosis, reach for your spiritual “hard hat”. Doubt will soon rain down on you like hail the size of golf balls.  Be prepared for these attacks of the enemy.  He will plant, whisper and guide people your way to influence you to doubt God’s promises. Don’t fall for it.

3. Internalize the Word of God. Turn off the TV or some pointless music. Saturate yourself in God’s Word. Read it. Memorize it. Play it in the form of music. The TV show Scandal is not going to help you now. Empire will plant more death in your heart than life. Drown yourself in God’s word. Then when #2 (above) happens, you can speak it to battle the lies of the enemy.  You’ll quench his every fiery dart. Remember, Jesus used the Word to defeat Satan. The Word is your mighty sword in the spirit. Use it. Yield it, but first…KNOW IT!


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