How to have self control as a Christian


How to have self control
Did you ever wonder: how to have self-control as a Christian“?
Or maybe you’ve Googled “how to have self-control over food:. I’ve done the latter just recently.

I’m on a weight loss journey.

It sounds cute when I say it like that. But, here is the real deal: I’m 40-something. I love Twinkies, cobbler, corn bread and cookies. I’m gaining weight. That’s the real deal.

Recently, my personal lack of discipline has been on my mind. Yes, girl, I’m struggling. So, are my jeans.

In my struggle, I’m smart enough to know that buying the bad stuff is not helping the situation in the least. But, I still buy it. Then I eat it. Then I’m thinking about my struggle again. It’s a mess.

While praying about this conundrum, the Holy Spirit dropped something in my spirit. It really helped me in that moment. Has that ever happened to you?

Here it is: “Just because you can eat it, doesn’t mean you should”.

Vice versa, “just because you can buy it, doesn’t mean you need too.”

Simple, right?

This has become my mantra in the weight-management journey. I say this to myself all the time. Is it working? Time will tell.


While driving my husband’s car the other day, my mantra visited a completely different area of my life.

Let me explain. Cars were speeding past me on the freeway.

What they didn’t know was that I was driving my hubby’s car and it has some octane under the hood. Honey, it can go.

So my first thought was to put “the peddle to the medal” and show ’em what it can do!

That’s when the Holy Spirit (and good “ole-fashioned” common sense) brought my new mantra to my remembrance.

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you need to”. Similarly, just because you “can” do something, doesn’t’ mean you should.

As Christians, we can bleed God’s grace until it screams. Thankfully, He is longsuffering, but we should not want to abuse it. Right?

Maturity (spiritually and mentally) says “I have control over myself and my spirit”.

I don’t have to behave badly. I don’t have to compromise my body for a relationship. I don’t have to be late all the time. I don’t have to eat that cookie

Check out my quick musing to see how the Holy Spirit uses the simplest of things to minister to us and teach us lessons.

Have you ever had this struggle between “can” and “should”?

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