Don’t miss Him at work in our lives


Don't miss Him!

I’m thinking.

Sometimes, when I don’t spend time with God, it’s harder for me to recognize Him at work.

He works in good things, He is at work in bad things, He’s even at work in NO THINGS.  He’s God. He’s using everything in our lives for good.

But, when I don’t spend time with Him, I often miss that point. I can get caught up with what I see, feel, hear and think.  Does that happen to you too?

I figure if I’m in close fellowship with Him, I’m able to see with supernatural eyes and recognize Him more clearly. Time with Him rests my carnal perspective a little.

Check out this video and see what made me think about all this. Tell me what you think.


God is indeed in busy in our lives everyday and in everything.  Don’t miss Him at work in your life, GodsyGirl!

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