Why I need the Holy Spirit


Why do i need the holy spirit

Lord I hear of showers of blessings,
Thou art scattering full and free.
Showers of thirsty, land refreshing,
Let some drops now fall on me.

Even me Lord, even me.
Even me Lord, even me,
let some drops now fall on me.
Vamp 1:
Showers of blessings,
fall down on us.

rain on us,
rain on us,
fall down
oh, oh, oh, oh.

This is one of my favorite songs ever. It’s an old, but goodie. For me, it exemplifies the needy believer’s plea for God’s presence in our lives. Some people think blessings are material matter, but not necessarily.

In my life, the richest blessing is that of the Holy Spirit. I crave God’s presence in my life. I long for that still small voice that speaks to my heart and stirs praise in my spirit. He’s the catalyst of my growth, learning, confidence and understanding. As He convicts me, disciplines me, I learn to follow the paths of righteousness. I learn God’s statutes.

His comfort reaches past the facades, the smiles and the “I’m ok” and touches me at the most vulnerable place in my soul. He restoreth my soul.

He guides, directs and tells me which way to go when confusion plagues me. When options are overwhelming, He says “This is the way to go”.

Yes, Lord, shower me with your blessings. May I be compelled to know you more, drawn to experience your grace in depth, develop in your discipline and cherish your blessings.

Your happiness…yes, that’s for me.

Pursue the Spirit of God 

with “God Chasers”
by Tommy Tenney

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  1. i love the lyrics to this song…we have abundantly all we need in HIM and through the holy spirit we are comforted, restored, directed, convicted, and so much more!

    I was thinking of the lyrics to a song I like by Paul Wilbur, called “Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall” and there is a lyric in the song that says:

    We do not seek Your hand
    We only seek Your face
    We want to know You
    We want to see You
    Reveal Your glory in this place

    sigh…nothing like being in His presence….

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