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Affected or effected…

The recent headlines are beginning to get to me.  

I know. There several sides to every story, but when I heard video from fraternity from University of Oklahoma, my heart simply shattered. I am clearly affected by it.  But, I’m also effected. I’m prompted to do “something” in my own personal sphere of influence. I don’t know what that means just yet, but something positive must come from this, lest a root of bitterness takes hold.

I do not need to explain to you how wrong racial bias is. But, I must vent and say we cannot let I stop here.

I work in an environment of racial “something” every day.  People “self-sort” and tend to segregate themselves by race. Sure, everyone is cordial. Some might even say supportive to the point of being helpful in the short-term. But, the racial delineation is clear and obvious.  In a meeting all the Black people are at one table (and even the president seems to have a noticeable blind spot for that table) and all the White people are at their tables. It’s definitely an issue in that workplace.  Not everyone…not all…but too many people are not reaching out. I am determined to reach a bit further to bring some change. We need it. Only the simple-minded and blind would say differently.

My previous job was nothing like this. I gained rich perspective from the diversity of our team. We challenged one another, we “did life” together.  We also grew to love one another because of differences. It was a professional utopia of which I cherish to this day. I remain in touch with them because I live them.

So the issue. 

Many Black and White Americans have a deep-rooted disdain, mistrust and disapproval of one another.  Some Whites look at people of different races and respond based on the limited images they see in the media. They assume “some” constitute all. Some Black people do this – not all.  Some Hispanics behave that way – not all.

Some just don’t understand the way some Blacks carry themselves, speak or even wear their hair.  This lack of understanding can facilitate and ignorant response of dislike.

Many Blacks are not much better. We see some Whites and assume what those people are thinking of us. The reality is they may not be thinking of us at all, but our assumption creates a barrier to interaction.

Hey, I don’t purport to have all the answers. However, I do know meaningful relationships are key.   We must reach out and get to know one another. 

And churches. *Sigh* Many churches are the most segregated institutions in our nation. What should I saw about that?  Nothing.  You know it is true.

But, that is not all.

My heart is heavy today because it is just not an issue of young people dying at the hands of law enforcement.  Nor is the issue as simplistic as a few ignorant, stupid young people singing a hateful song. The issue is a sin issue that has run rampant in our culture to the point that it is rearing it’s ugly head in a multitude of ways. It’s like a disease that is gone untreated for way too long.

Pray Christians. Pray. 

Stand for what is right and challenge yourself to build relationships with people outside your own race.  Force yourself to love people you don’t necessarily understand. Teach your children the equity and love of Christ. I vow to do the same.


516010: One Race, One Blood: A Biblical Answer to Racism One Race, One Blood: A Biblical Answer to Racism
By Ken Ham & A. Charles Ware / Master Books

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