Handling spiritual battles


Tips to handle spiritual trials
Handling Spiritual Battles

1. Know which people to hold close and which should be distanced. Let’s face it, some people are not good in times of trouble. Know the difference between those who can pray prayers that reach the very realms of heaven and those that are good for a trip to Burger King. *Sarcasm intended*

Some people may not have the maturity you need in spiritual wartime, or they just may have weak faith. Either way, the last thing you need is their negativity,  faith-less words or “logic”.  In a battle, you need folks who can believe God for a miracle in the face of a bad report Confide in someone who believes God’s promises over what they “see” or “feel”.

2. Store your strength.  When it comes to taking vitamins, I’m the worst. I hate taking any kind of pill.  I’m that person that resorts to vitamins only after my throat gets sore or my nose begins to run. As you know, by that point, it is usually too late for vitamins to help. The immune system was already compromised.

You know where I’m headed.

The Word is where it’s at! Thankfully, God has built extra special grace into your Christian walk. Isn’t that wonderful? Here’s how it works: no matter how many “spiritual” vitamins you’ve missed over the course of your day, week, month or decade, all you have to do is…throw yourself into God’s plan and allow it to work supernatural wonders in your situation!

Dive into the Word of God! Inhale it. Treat it like spiritual bread! Hey, the television show Empire can’t help you, the “The Haves and the Have Nots”  have nothing to offer you in your distress. So, turn your TV off or turn on a sound Bible teacher. The strength you’ll glean will give you the sustenance to get through your trial- day by day…moment by moment.

3. One day, in the midst of a trial, the Holy Spirit said to me “do you believe everything will be ok?” In my spirit, I responded the affirmative. He then said “then act like it, look like it and speak like it?” WOW!

I knew to what He was referring. While saying God was working things out, I was walking around looking like a hopeless sheep devoid of peace. Riddled by fear, worry and doubt, I embraced “pitifulness” (I know that is not a word, work with me.)

In fact, I weakened my faith with my silly behaviors.

Not for long, though!

I instantly got my hair together, put on some makeup and wore a smile composed of faith. After that, When people asked how things were going in my situation, I replied with the Word of God or a praise to the Holy God of the universe.

So, as you journey through your difficult season, let your exterior mirror the victory and faith of your interior. Not in vanity, but in a daily normalcy. Amen?


1. Watch who has a “front row seat” in your tribulation.

2. Feed your spirit with the Word. Search, write down and keep the Word close at all times.

3. Don’t articulate that you’re trusting God while appearing defeated. Smile and reflect Kingdom victory!

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