Can God Restore Me?


God restores you Follow Me on Pinterest Today, I drove past a very pretty house. The house is fairly new. If you were new to Overland Park, Kansas and you drove by this particular house, you would think nothing much of it. Although attractive, it is quite similar to the other homes on the cul-de-sac.

Then it hit me. I remembered.

About twenty years ago, I lived in that area. I remembered that house. Better, that corner on that street. You see, something very tragic happened there. It was a news story that lingered in the headlines for days and days. The story was so disastrous that after some time, the home was burned to the ground. Only an empty, vacant lot remained for months. I hated to drive past it.

I had forgotten, as I drove by today, that in the place of that sorrowful, empty plot of dirt now stands a gorgeous three-story home, painted in cheery colors and full of life. That is it.  The lot has a new life.

Passing the home reminded me of my own life history. It reminded me of the greatness of my God.

Like you, I have places in my heart that were wounded. Some might say tragic memories linger there.  However, God is so faithful to His Word.

Just like the lot, where once stood an “infrastructure of pain” is now a beautiful testimony of God’s strength, faithfulness and ability to comfort me though all things. Instead of the fresh twinge sad memories could bring,  I instead remember how God brought me through. I recall how He delivered me. Not only do I remember He brought me out and through, but I think of how He restored what the canker worm tried to steal (Joel 2:25). How faithful He is to transform ashes (Isaiah 61:3) into something beautiful? God can restore you, Godsy Girl.

Sometimes it takes time before the “beautiful” becomes your first thought, but it does and it can.

Eventually, the pain of calamity can be replaced by the joy of restoration. It’s up to you and your choice to trust Him.

Here is a tip (or three):

  1. Read your Bible through your pain. Apply the Word as a medicine so you can be healed, reminded and reestablished. There is healing in His Word.
  2. Stop the movie. I remember my cousin told me that one time. I recalled something painful and she said “No, don’t play the movie!” She meant for me to “gird up the loins of my mind” as the Bible says (1 Peter 1:13). She was telling me to think on something different. Your mind is powerful; control it.
  3. Remind yourself great days are ahead. God has something brand new and wonderful for you – just as the old, burned lot received new purpose (Psalm 27:13). Your pain has a new purpose of testimony.

Hope in all things so your infrastructure of pain can become something beautiful and praise-worthy. Amen?



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