Yup! I’m doing the Joyce Meyer 3030 Challenge


I had one of my sudden brainstorms. As I was preparing for bed, I decided to do something that

Great idea, JM! Follow Me on Pinterest
Great idea, JM!

makes no sense at all. But then, again it makes all the sense in the world.

It started with spontaneous channel surf. It lead me to Joyce Meyer’s program. I must admit, I don’t watch as often as in the past, but I will still catch her from time to time. I know the “deep”, “learned” people of Christiandom don’t often appreciate her. I’ve heard them blather. I usually think, “You’d trade your shiny Lexus for a 1/3 of her ministry, so just hush”.

Anyhoo, Joyce has been a significant part of my Christian “child training” some years ago. Remember the sermon about the grocery carts?

Well, she has issued a challenge for meaningful, consistent Bible study. I know, right? Most mature Christians are already doing this and likely a lot more. But, now is not the time to be analytical (I told myself). 

Something very powerful happens as God’s people unify (come together, unite, join) to seek Him. Search scripture (start with Esther) and you’ll see. With that, I want to be part of it!

As of now, I haven’t shared this new brainstorm with anyone. I know I will hear the “blah blah” from the “deep” people in my life. Let’s put them in category “A. I love these folks, but many of them have not experienced a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. In their most private of times, they sigh “there must be more to it’’ than this”. Well, there is! You’re missing the Holy Spirit, Pumpkin head!

Others from, let call it category “B”, will smirk at me, as well. These jokers tend to view God’s word as nothing more than a spiritual puzzle or history book. They live to explore backgrounds, the languages, the history and the cultures. They miss the point of it all- the relationship with Jesus Christ! These people usually can’t even get victory over a cigar, so I don’t worry about them much.

Then there is category “C”… the folks who will grumble: “I spend time with God my own way”. But, they know they are lazy, inconsistent and even trifling about their relationship with God’s Word. Most of them are so busy working at the church to serve God; they don’t even know the God of the church in which they labor! Think about that.

They will cynically mutter something like “it doesn’t take all that” and then retire to their self-righteous comforts. Either way, I don’t care. No harm can be done when thousands (or millions) of God’s people unify and seek Him. No harm at all…even it took a woman to get the thousands (or millions) to do it!

I’ll be blogging about my 30 day experience, failings, and challenges in the next 30 days. I don’t know if I will blog daily. But, I will post frequently. Pray for me! Better yet, join me and let me know if you do!  At the very least, forward2 Follow Me on Pinterest share on your Facebook page to inspire someone.
P.S. I’m already a day late. 

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