Day 1 – Joyce Meyer 3030 Challenge


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What I felt like…

Today, I began “day 1” of the Joyce Meyer 30/30 challenge.

After 23 years of walking with the Lord, Bible study is nothing new to me. But, let me tell you, every distraction that could rear its ugly head boldly did so today.

To add some variation, I planned to spend time with the Lord during my lunch hour. I was going to eat at my desk and jet home for an hour of joyful worship, praise and researching His word. But, I had a wonderful and [all too rare] opportunity to see my dearest friend before she leaves town.
Postponement #1.

Then, I figured, I would study and pray while my little guy ate his dinner. However, he was wound up from the first day back at school. All I can say is there was jumping, chattering … and a bullhorn (long story).
Then my wonderful oldest boy dropped by for a visit. Postponement #2. “No problem” I thought to myself. “There will be time later”.

Oh yes, I simply *had* to work on GodsyGirl’s WordPress settings (which are a hot mess and journey in faith). Postponement #3.

After that, my husband comes home…EARLY! “Hey, Pastor Brooks/Baby/Sweetie”. Postponement 4-10.
Rest assured. I finally got my time with my sweet Savior. He led me to in path He never has before. The time revealed deep-seated wounds I thought had long healed. The tears turned to shock and the shock eventually to praise. I know the praise will render healing by and by.
I’ll tell you all about it in my next post.

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