Disappointed with Holidays?


Beat the Christmas Blues, Godsy Girl!

Have you noticed the holidays are not very merry for some? Sometimes it is merited, sometimes not so much. Here are some tips for some common holiday “blues” culprits:

Holiday love may mean
something else this year

1. Everyone else is not (NOT) experiencing a storybook Christmas. Movies, and social media can
paint an unrealistic picture. Remember Facebook is not an all-inclusive analysis into the lives of others. It’s just a snippet, a piece of their lives. Everyone breathing is engaged in life’s struggle in one form or another. Be happy in your current season. Find the best of your life season. There is a blessing somewhere.

2. Banish the ghosts of Christmas past. Want to be good and depressed? Let me tell you what will depress you for sure – ponder and glorify on the “beauty and wonder” of past holidays. What if this year’s Christmas pales in comparison to the former ones? It’s okay. You can still enjoy this Christmas. Focus on the blessings and live in the
now.  Better yet, reach out in kindness to someone else. Call an old friend, just because. Volunteer…to be a blessing.

3. Manage your expectations and do not build a fairytale expectation in your mind. You can expect

You may expect your pie to look like this, but….

your adult kids to come home Christmas. But, they may not. You may expect your holiday meal to turn out one way only to have it turn out another. Keep your expectations realistic about this holiday season. God can do anything, but sometimes, we have to accept life for what it is while He is at work. Amen?

Remember, YOU (not other people, not Facebook, not movies, not past experiences) define your ability to be happy this holiday season. Secondly, live in the present, not the past. Finally, keep your expectations based in reality and you will have a great holiday season!

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  1. Amen Godsy Girl–Everything you said is so true especially the part about managing expectations. The only expectation we should have is from the Lord (Ps. 62;5). Have a very merry and blessed Christmas

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