Where is God when you need Him?


Sometimes it can appear as if God is doing nothing. It can seem as though He is asleep at the wheel, gone out to lunch or even on an extended vacation.

Good thing we are not saved by what “appears” to be so or what things “seem” like.

The Word of God clearly states that God is a God who neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is always in control and fully aware of what goes on in the lives of men – especially those who belong to Him. Don’t allow the enemy to fool or deceive you with that “where is/was God” crap. That type of thinking makes me angry and I know it must frustrate our Faithful Lord.

In the Bible, there are several (maybe even countless) examples of when someone could assume God it wasn’t on the job. For example, when Moses went up to the mountain, the children of Israel had to wonder. Then there is Joseph. Each hour, minute and day that He was in that prison cell for a faulty” wrap”, people had to wonder if the God of Israel was alive. Finally, as Jesus went to the cross, you know many were shaking their heads assuming that if God existed, He was surely defeated. But, we know the victorious conclusion of these stories. God was there. The entire time, God was executing His plans of actions in the midst of each of these situations, even when it didn’t “seem” like it. More often than not, the people saying God is not at work (or real or involved) are people with immature spiritual minds. They may know tons of scripture, they may be involved in their local church, but they are nothing more than baby, infantile Christians groping through life with a type of Godliness, but denying the power thereof.

They have no capacity to fathom the depth of God’s works. Instead, they are doing the best they can with their limited carnal knowledge trying to “fix” situations or at the very least, trying to figure them out.

Let me tell you something. True maturity is realized when one relinquishes the need to attempt to figure God out. He is the God of the universe and far beyond our comprehension. We are called to worship Him and obey – that’s it.

Don’t be a big, “ole” spiritual baby!

Again, we simply need to trust Him regardless of how things “look”. After all, faith is the cornerstone of Christianity. It’s also the most difficult part of it. Faith is a very necessary element to ensure the peace of God to reign and guard our hearts. So, close your spiritual eyes, Godsy Girl and just fall backward into the arms of a loving God. Trust that He is strong and powerful enough to take excellent care of you.

No amount of fighting, worrying, or striving can accomplish an iota of what faith in the all-powerful Be still and know that He is God in three beautiful persons, ok? Jesus intercedes for you, the Holy Spirit guides, energizes and directs you and the Father is the great I AM. You’re covered.
God of the universe can do. God moves as his people pray and as His people pray, He moves (How clever, I must remind myself of that often).

So don’t be fooled, Godsy Girl. God is indeed at work in the affairs of man. He’s also indeed at work in every, single area of your life. It may “appear” like all hell has broken loose. But, it hasn’t. Turn off the television, stop listening to people with limited faith and trust your God to work in impossible situations. He can. Pray that God will open your eyes so that you may see with eyes of faith.

Be encouraged.

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