Keep it simple, Stupid….is stupid


I don’t really like the term “keep it simple”.

I especially dislike the whole K.I.S.S. maxim (“Keep it simple, Stupid”). For one, I don’t like being called stupid. But, I have other reasons. Let me explain.

Sure, it is best to keep things streamlined, but this is not a universal law. Recently, someone at work asked my advice on creating training. My response was to start with the end in mind. For example, write 3 learning objectives outlining what trainees should learn and what competencies they should cultivate. Another colleague chimed in and said “Oh, just keep it simple”. In my opinion, this person was advocating for the ever so famous “shoot from the hip and hope for the best” approach. *Ugh* This approach rarely works and when it does it is more of an emotion-rooted experience than a learning experience for the participants. In other words, people have a great time, but really didn’t learn as much as they could have if the presenter had planned the experience. The “shoot from the hip” activities may be “fun”, but often miss the mark.

But, that’s me talking shop talk. Now, let me return to the subject.

As ministry leaders, we are sometimes guilty of this, but that’s another blog post too.

Think about it. Any success is the end result of several small steps involved in planning the “end result”.  Very little just happens.  For example, if you attend a wildly successful party, more than likely people worked very hard behind the scenes to bring it to pass. I’ll bet people labored in teams, met often and generated lots of notes to plan the execution of that party. Be careful of “foofoo-ing” the planning processes in your life.

To further illustrate this point, think of a Christian you admire. I’m sure their Christian witness is the result of many smaller processes that occured years before. They spent time in their Word. They may have read books about the Christian walk while transforming and renewing their minds.  Prayer is probably a huge part of their maturation process. They likely “soul trained” as illustrated in my favorite book of the moment, “ “The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows” by James Bryan Smith. My cousin and mentor, Eileen Epps Hamilton introduced me to this book. Check out her blog, “In the Word Ministries:

My point is: they didn’t just wake up super Christian!

Yeah, life can be simple. But, it only looks simple to those experiencing [or benefitting from] the end results.  What do you think?


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