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new season

Have you ever tried to fit into a pair of jeans that no longer fit? It’s one of the most frustrating experiences.

Just think of it, something that was once cozy, comfortable and even cute no longer working for you. You know, it just doesn’t make sense.  The jeans used to fit, but now they cause you discomfort and angst – both physically and emotionally. Ugh!
The same is true in our natural and spiritual lives. Something that once was comfortable and commonplace can morph into something that generates unease, discomfort and, even sadness. Your “something” could be a relationship, a living situation, a job, or even the way you’ve always done your prayer time.   Seasons change as we grow and mature. We must adapt and change with them.

God may have matured you passed your current “place” and you will frustrate yourself repeatedly if you insist on trying to make “fit”. Don’t do that to yourself. Instead pray about what God wants you to do in this new [or impending] season.  It could be as simple as writing the vision down in your journal. It could be the emotional exercise of mentally releasing that thing that was once very comfortable. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what to do now.




1.     Accept that you are a pearl of great price to the Lord and He gave all for you. He has great plans for you and will ensure you succeed if you trust and obey Him. In other words – don’t be scared. A big vision for your life can be frightening; embrace it and trust your God.


2.       Ask him about your exit strategy.  He may reveal it now; then again, He may not. But ask Him. Then trust Him to open the door at the right time and give you the courage to walk through it!


3.     Resign to the fact that your life is not your own.  Only His plan for you is what matters. Trust Him.

4. After doing all the above.  Exercise the maturity and endurance to simply wait on God’s leading and direction.  This may be the most difficult part, but you can do it with the power of the Holy Spirit.


I am sure now that life is about transformation,
and transformation is about movement.”
Marina Glogovac


Note:  Forward this post to someone who is outgrowing their current life season. It will encourage them.  
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