Deacons’ Wives Duties


Have you searched for tips for deacon’s wives?

If you’re a current deacon’s wife, I’ll be you have.

If you are in charge of training deacon’s wives, I’ll bet you have!

If you are a brand new deacon’s wife, I KNOW YOU HAVE!

A sister in Christ (wonderful Kathy)  just gave me an awesome resource for deacon’s wives.

I read through it and figured it is a “must” for just about every deacon’s wife. It offers practical information, guidance and advice on serving in ministry alongside your husband.

It covers everything from self-control to even the pastor’s wife (you know I like that one). It includes practical tips for avoiding gossip and what to do when a new pastor is appointed. Kudos to Diana Davis for creating this wonderful resource.

The book sis called “Deacon Wives – Fresh ideas to encourage your husband and the church”. The author is Diana Davis.

Have you heard of her?


If you purchase this book, may I encourage you to purchase it from a Christian sources? Amazon is great, but I’m affiliated with a site that is all Christian resources all the time. Have you heard of ChristianBook.Com? Nothing sold on this site conflicts with your Christian beliefs.

It’s so much craziness out there no.  I really don’t want my money to support companies that propagate things I don’t believe in. So, please check out Deacons Wives: Fresh Ideas to Encourage Your Husband and Church. But, do it from Christian, amen?

448238: Deacon Wives: Fresh Ideas to Encourage Your Husband and the Church Deacon Wives: Fresh Ideas to Encourage Your Husband and the Church
By Diana Davis / B&H BooksDeacon Wives was written for women who are married to husbands who are deacons in their churches. The Bible talks about the qualities of a deacon’s wife. As you encourage and support your husband in this role, the tips, ideas, and instructions presented in this book will be a helpful aid. Included are self-evaluation forms, checklists, and a teaching plan for sharing this information with other women in your church. Paperback.


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