Back to the basics


I read this quote today and it has clung to me:

“To rob God of nothing; to refuse Him nothing; to require of Him nothing; this is great perfection.” Jeanne Guyon

Yesterday, I met with a sister I love.  I asked her as I often ask those I care about, “what is God saying to you in this season?”  She made me answer first. I shared that God is calling me back to the basics of my spiritual walk.  Before the stuff, before the distractions [were allowed to be distractions] and before the “noise” of my current life season. He’s beckoning me back.

In the end all that matters is our relationship to Jesus Christ.  Nothing else really matters, ya know?  My prayer requests don’t matter,  my personal “little” ambitions are of little significance.  My earthly positions are trash in comparison to the love, fellowship and will of my Savior.

The basics….just He and I.  Like worship with no music.

Now, that’s perfection.


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