Bye, Bye Facebook


I love Facebook! It offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends, see what’s new in their lives and offer encouragement when they need it.

Well, after one of my usual visits, I felt the “inclination” to take a break from my favorite social media outlet.  The inclination was actually from that still, small voice of which I am very familiar.  That voice deep in my spirit.

Our church just came out of a season of consecration and revival. During the season of fasting, I heard God’s voice so much clearer than I had in days prior.  Without the dulling sound of television, radio and the noise of everyday life, the Father’s directives were clear as crystal.  His Words jumped from pages of the Bible and I was much more connected than I am in my usual, run-of the-mill daily busyness.

So, when I felt the inclination to discontinue my personal Facebook for a while, I know He was at the heart of the urge and I am committed to obedience.

Now, is Facebook bad?  No, of course not. I think this is more about obedience than it is about Facebook.  So for now, farewell, FB friends.  I would say I am going to miss you, but I think my time will be spent in a way that will render me a much better “friend” to you in real life.

Hopefully, my lie won’t be driven by selfies, nosiness and just plain carnal living.

So, bye, bye…or should I say “baaaa baaaaa”?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.:)

John10:4-5 – Amen, Godsy Girl?

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