YOU version Bible Reading Plan


Yesterday I began reading the YOU version chronological Bible reading plan on my iPad. I think it’s a yearly plan to read the entire Bible. Frankly I don’t care if I manage to get through it in a year. It’s not a race for me. More than anything, I desire to re-fresh my love for scripture. Also, my husband’a recent sermon series re-ignited my interest in the Old Testament.

Ok, so I began my experience in Genesis chapters one thru three. Initially I expected boredom to read such familiar chapters. But, the Holy Spirit impressed on me how God, in all His power and wisdom, orders everything so perfectly. I was reminded of His endless power, His matchless wisdom and His awesome greatness.

That evening my mom had a challenge at her home and I was reminded (again) of God’s perfect control and sovereignty that I had read about earlier.

If He can order the earth and space, He can certainly take care of my most beloved family member. Praise God for His Word. Please share…what does Genesis 1-3 say to you?

Pray for me on this journey. Better yet, care to join me?

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