So blessed, Girl!


Today I woke up overwhelmed by how blessed I am. So many of life’s blessing are easily taken for granted.

I thanked God for waking up in my home. It’s a beautiful home, I thanked God for my husband who is an amazing provider and loving companion. His love for me is unquestionable and still leaves me breathless.

My cup runneth over when it comes to my children. I am so blessed with wonderful children who love The Lord and serve my husband and I with respect.

My car runs and gets me to where I want to go. My job grants me opportunities to meet fantastic people and the occasional giggle I need to make it through this life.

My “mommy” is a pillar of strength and wisdom. My dearest friend in whom I enjoy sharing life’s joys and mysteries. I love our conversations and thank Jesus for her wisdom in God and His ways.

I have absolutely the best friends ever. They have loved me through the test of time (and even patience) :). Believe me, I’ve tried their patience.

My body functions and gets me where I need to go. That’s a priceless blessing.

Most of all, I thank God from Whom all blessing flow. His loving kindness is from everlasting to everlasting. He opens doors and supplies me the wisdom to walk through them. He restores all that the cankerworm destroyed and renews my soul. He gives me strength for the battle and encompasses me with the Light of Jesus.

Be grateful, Godsy Girl. You are blessed. Somewhere up in this world is someone who would pay money to switch places with you.

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