Praise God!


Note: if you know me personally, please accept the following in love: unless I shared this circumstance with you, I would prefer not to go into details about this post. Thank you for not questioning me or my family about the context of this post. I appreciate your sensitivity and your respect of my ¬†(and my family’s) privacy. I love you.

In a recent post, I shared the difficulty and the intensity of my current life season. I did not go into details, but simply said it was a dark season. Well. I want you to know that God has answered prayer in a way that only He can. He has perplexed the wise men of this world and allowed me to hear one of the most beautiful words in the English language – benign.

During the last year or so, God has been teaching me to trust His plan. Sure, He said I can make my request known to Him and I did. However, I have finally internalized the truth that my request can never trump His will and His plan.

In so learning, God blessed me with a good report. But, as the Hebrew boys taught us “but…if He had not” performed what we asks….we must accept, trust and surrender to His plan. Forever convinced that God has a better plan hidden inside every “no”. Now, that’s spiritual maturity.

So, what if God allowed that marriage to end, or that child to die or that job to let you go? Stand firm in the fact that God is still in control and He is causing everything to work out for your good. Stand firm knowing no devil in hell and thwart the plans of God. Plant your spiritual feet in the ground sure that God will never leave your nor forsake you. Stand straight -in faith- unwaveringly sure that He is up to something good in your life!

God’s purpose has been hidden inside every struggle, every tear and even every painful journey. The sovereign God of the universe sets high and brings low. His will is always King. So, whatever happens…we trust Him. Praise Him and worship Him regardless of how we feel…what we hope for or whatever the outcome. It’s all about Him anyway, right?

Blessings to you, Godsy Girl.  Remember, God still does answer prayers for you and your family!

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