Grateful and Thankful


I am thankful.
Thankful for where I am currently. No, everything isn’t perfect. But, it’s manageable. Plus, it could always be worse.
You see, I made so many choices in my lifetime that could have easily derailed my me and compromised my destiny.
For instance, what if I had married that guy? What if I hadn’t gotten that job?
What if I would have left town with that one fellow? What if that bullet had hit me that night?
What if that car had slid on the ice and struck me?
What if “that” sermon had not been preached that one Sunday morning? What if I had not chosen to give my life to Jesus.

So many what if’s. But, God’s grace and mercy prevailed and I was saved..rescued from the plans and plots of the enemy. Rescued from my sin and the consequences of so many of my bad choices.

Have you ever really thought about where you would be had God not shone His grace or intervention? It’s something to ponder.

Thank you, Lord, for the salvation that redeemed me and the grace that sustains me every second.

Thank you, Jesus.

What are you thankful for?

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