Shifting to an atmosphere of praise


Shift your atmosphere to praise and worship.

Most people in my life know my family is experiencing a challenging season…I am experiencing a challenging season. 

 My goal in this is simple: to look for God’s hand (his blessings) in the current tribulation; glorify Him now and so I can share my experiences of His comfort with someone else in the future. This posturing encourages me to stay pinned in praise. It also and helps me focus on the miracle working power of the Lord. Worship activates my faith and minimizes my fear. It reminds me His banner over me is love and that He is forever with me.
Tonight, after a rough evening at the hospital, I thought I might find some comfort in a hot cup of tea. Everyone in my home was asleep. The house was quiet. Then, I heard a faint, soft whimpering as I stirred my tea. A few seconds passed before I realized it was me. My heavy heart was releasing itself without my awareness.

This concept fascinates me. Think about it, if my pain can subconsciously release itself without my knowledge, then so can my praise. I pray that my love, passion and connection to God is so strong that I will praise Him, adore Him and worship Him without my natural mind even knowing it, analyzing it or qualifying it. I can go even further! May my spiritual reflexes be so in tuned to His heartbeat that I speak His words, love the way He loves and walk in the confidence of knowing He is in full and complete control of everything. It is then- when we abide in Him – that His love chases us down and overwhelms us in peace. We are “caught up” in comfort.

Sometimes, His love will enrapture us with a supernatural fervor. Other times, He will lead some one to bless us naturally…as He did today. I was blessed with a beautiful bouquet from a family of friends I love very much. I was caught up and wrapped up in joy. The atmosphere changed and shifted.

 Whichever way He chooses, rest assured, God’s comfort is close enough to bring enduring peace and shift your atmosphere from sorrow to worship! 

Forgive typos…I’ll blame lack of sleep.

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