How to handle a bad day…


Have you ever had a rough day? You know, one of those days that isn’t necessarily a bad day, but cannot, by any means, be called a good day.

I had one of those today. Let me tell you, quite a few parts of my day went really “south”. Some of the mayhem was my own doing, but, a great deal of it was completely out of my control. The day’s events just seemed to plummet moment by moment until my (spiritual and physical) fatigue gave way to a sense of heaviness.

At that point, I realized it was time for God to lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. So, the laundry had to wait,my little boy’s long leisurely bath was swapped for a quickie shower and instead of trying to prepare two dinners; I opted for one. That’s when I ran. I ran from the stress of the day and right into a place of rest.

I ran straight to the arms of Jesus.

I turned on Selah and their velvety melodies of praise reminded of my Lord’s power with “How Great Thou Art.” Suddenly, I saw my right hand fly up in praise! Then it hit me. What a blessing to be able to lift my hand. Some people wish they could do that. I praised God for what the old people used to call “the activity of my limbs”. Thank you, Jesus.

Then, for a moment, I thought about how I wished my husband was home to hold me.
That was when I listened and meditated on the song “His eye is on the sparrow”. It hit me God’s eye is on me, just like its on that sparrow and before long my husband would be home and I could find my place in God’s heavenly arms. There, I can find peace, love and acceptance no heavenly arms could ever impart. All the same, I praised the Lord for answering the prayers of a lonely single mom (for 13 years) and sending me a blessing in my husband. But, know his love for me pales in comparison to Jesus’.

After all that, I began praising God for my wonderful son, Ben, and the joy he has brought me every single day he has been alive. God is indeed good. I couldn’t forget to praise Him for my mommie and my brother, Donnie. The list is endless!

Oh yes, my downtrodden disposition swiftly transformed into a celebration of praise that excluded petition, whining or discontent. It was 100 percent praise and adoration to my heavenly

So, the best way to manage a “rough” day – or any day for that matter-is to think of the many blessings God has “kissed” you with today and figure out real and meaningful days to praise Him, love Him, serve Him and extol Him for His wonderful grace, His endless mercy and His matchless strength. You, and I, are truly blessed, GodsyGirl.

No “bad” day can compare to what God gives us eternally.

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you
in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again
praise him, my salvation and my God.
Psalms 43:5
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  1. this post breathed life into me! It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I usually run and hide in my shower where the lil ones can’t get to me LOL, but craving even more quiet time in HIS arms

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