The most important word


i surrender all

The most important word is….

Today our church choir sang a song that simply said “in response we say Yes”. Sure they sung it beautifully, but mere talent rarely moves me. What moves me is Biblical truth and the anointing of God. That song dripped with both.

I contend to say the most important word in the Christian faith is the word “yes”. In scripture, God asked time and time again for His people to choose Him – to choose His path, His laws, His ways. He beckons us to obey and submit…regardless of the cost.

He’s asking you this very second, “Are you willing to follow me, not knowing where I will lead you?”

“Are you willing to show kindness to a hateful neighbor, colleague or mate?” Proverb 25:21-22

“Will you chose to silence the world and spend time with the Lord? No TV, no driving…just with Him?” Psalm 42:1

Will your response be “Yes?” Yep, that is one of the most crucial…and costly words in the Christian experience. The very cornerstone of maturity it is. So, I’ll ask you again….will you say “yes”?

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  1. I am struggling with this now. I hesitate to use the word fear, but there is some fear in where I feel God directing me to go. I am trying to follow, I am willing yet I am still hesitant to go into the unknown. Good thing my God already knows. He is the Great I AM and in him I have nothing to fear.

    Now, if I could just get my mind to stop with the internal dialog of fear….I’ll just keep praising, praying and following.

    Thanks for the post reminding me that I must follow even if I do have fear.

  2. That “yes”” hasn’t always been easy in my life, but it all boils down to trusting that God is only going to lead us in paths of goodness. Further, He works in us to do of His good pleasure. So, very often He gives us the peace to step out on His will. Ex. If He sends you to the jungles of Uganda, He will likely put a strong desire in your heart for that place. He’s done that in my marriage, ministry and other areas. We just have to trust Him with not only our souls….but also our lives. Amen?

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