Preachers and double lives


I have been troubled, no concerned …no sickened by the latest news of a young pastor living a double life.

It’s not so much that I am angry at the kingdom of darkness, although I am. Sure, I’m frustrated by of the sin nature and how it wars against the Spirit of God in a Christian’s life. The continuous stream of pastors and spiritual leaders that fall under the shame of personal sins hurts their ministries, their families, their communities, and the world.

What really bothers me the most will ruffle a lot of feathers and maybe even offend you. If it does, I recommend you pray for me and stop reading. After all, your peace is something you must garrison.

It nauseated me
Here’s what really bothers me: it’s the fakery and secrets within the Body of Christ. Countless pastors preach one thing in the pulpit and living double lives outside it. They preach patience, forgiveness, love, spiritual power in Jesus while living lives of sin and deception. This kind of fakery is disgusting. All this being true, something else bothers me more.

I am really bugged that people keep secrets. For instance, while some leaders live “dirty” defeated lives, people surround them, shield them and some condone their sin with their silence. Deacons look the other way because their worship the gift. Wives turn their heads for the sake of the “benefits” or worse, they are financially trapped into the marriages.

I know….I know…
Now, before you get your undies in a wad, let me say I do understand that people (including pastors) are human and that no one is perfect. Every flesh and blood being on this planet is in the heated struggle of sin and temptation. It’s unavoidable.

The Bible tells us that temptation isn’t sinful in itself. It’s the giving in to it that causes problems. Thankfully, if we sin, we have an advocate with the Father. Jesus paid it all. But, the question becomes “is living in constant, continual, habitual sin ok with God?” If so, then there is no need for ¾ of the Bible that encourages us to strive toward holy living.

For instance, if we can (released to, given permission to, able to) live in sin, then throw out Galatians 5:1 and stay in bondage. Also, there is no need for 1 John 1:9. No need to be cleansed from sin, just live in it. While we’re at it, pitch Romans 6:2.

God has given us the power to resist sin. Plus, He created systems to keep us holy and accountable to one another. You must have someone in your life in which you may confess you sins so they can restore you to strength. It’s sad that we don’t take advantage of those systems. When we hide our secret sin, it can potentially fester, grow and develop into a real issue. I think that’s what happens to many of our pastors.

Pray, Saints, Pray
The truth is we must pray for our pastors and leaders incessantly. You have no idea the temptations your pastor struggles with in his inner man, the physical demands he struggles with or the financial burden he may carry. Further, many pastor’s wives choose to smile, and continue on for the sake of the Kingdom, but do know, many are broken, war-worn and trusting God for the next smile.

Hey, you think you know your pastor because you see him a few times each week? I beg to differ; you don’t know him. When you stop by the house and see he and his wife smiling, grinning and laughing, it’s not always the case. You think you do, but you don’t likely know those people. You see a snapshot of their whole.

Let me tell you, you have no clue the trouble, burden, strife, and wickedness that can fester behind the closed doors of a pastor’s home. Unless you live in that home for more than three months, you see only a minuscule part of that family and have no clue. But, God knows and He can redeem them, protect them, comfort them and give them strength.

Not all pastors have the same struggles, but all pastors need your prayer. I understand there are ga-zillions men and women of God who are living authentic, real lives before God and man. All that being true, they still need your prayers.They need God’s wisdom, discernment, conviction, strength and Holy Spirit.

Commit to pray for your leaders. If you love them, STOP esteeming the gift over their souls. War for them in the spirit. Intercede praying the Word of God over them. Pray for them to have God’s heart, God’s passion and be committed to authentic holiness. Pray God gives them strength to apply the Word to their own lives and minister to them as He did the weary prophet. Pray they can be living, walking examples of God’s power and character every single day of the week…not just on Sundays.

I know too many people, too many experiences to know what I write is something that needs to be said. We MUST pray for our leaders in this wicked day and age. We must pray aggressively.  It is the anointed ones that the enemy wants to destroy. Be strong, be disciplined and commit to pray for your leaders, Church.  I don’t care whether you are Catholic, Baptist, Methodist..whatever…pray.
Forgive the typos, I wanted to get it out before I changed my mind. 

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