Why do people worship like that?


You’d be surprised to know how many people do not understand the beauty of worship.  Really.

Some people see worship as nothing more than walking into the church, parking their feet under a pew and clapping their hands from time to time when the choir sings.

I contend that worship is much, much more than those simple physical expressions.  Worship is awe and amazement at a wondrous, gracious, loving God- a God that’s a Father.  Worship is beautiful, as the Psalm says.

Sometimes, it’s a supernatural gratitude of who God is (strong, mighty, my joy, strength and completion), what He has done (saved me, cleansed me, accepted me and changed me)  and what He will do (only He knows!). You know, the woman at my church that worships the loudest does so because of God’s grace, healing and restoration in her life.  Her worship is hard-earned by Christ, its expensive because it costed so very much of her and of Her Savior!

That’s why I worship without abandon.  As my tears of gratitude stream down my cheeks, I often long for words to express my love and thankfulness to my Heavenly Father, but words often fail me.  Only my tears will suffice.  I love Him so.
It’s not emotion, it’s thankfulness.  It’s acknowledgement, it’s surrender to the God of the universe.  Hey, if Jesus could give His life, I can give my worship and allegiance, right?  And, sorry, I don’t care what anyone thinks.  The last thing on my mind during worship is what the “frozen chosen” thinks of me!

As Rabbi Schneider, from “The Jewish Jesus” said, the very heart of worship is abandoning ourselves and putting God first in everything. He referenced Abraham’s obedience (to give His son) as a perfect example of true worship.  Now, we know that God gave that illustration once  in Biblical times and He doesn’t ask us to to such things now days. But still, God still requires complete and totally submission from you as your expression of worship. It may look different from mine and mine may look different from hers, but true worship is a heart thing that only God can judge. No one else is qualified.

Maybe, part of your worship sacrifice is of your time, your effort, your obedience, your pride, your gifts, your money, your television time or even that ungodly relationship that’s pulling you from God’s plan for your life.

Whatever it is, demonstrate your worship today by giving God the very best of yourself and your praise!

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