Asking God for Help


Have you ever wondered: “if God is all knowing, why do I have to ask Him for what I need?”

Asking is a very important part of any relationship. Fully-functional relationships are rooted in liberty, humility, and faith. It is actually a beautiful thing that we can go to God in prayer. This access to the Creator of the universe is actually a testament to a loving, and merciful God.

Although He’s powerful, mighty and holy, He wants us to feel comfortable in our reverence. He doesn’t want frightened little Christian robot children afraid to ask, afraid to seek and afraid to knock on the doors of heaven. No, He wants you to come boldly to the throne of grace and make your request known (read Hebrews 4:16).

Public Enemy#1: Pride
Did you know the act of “asking” is interconnected with humility? Look at this way: a person too proud to ask for what they need (or want) will not please God. God hates pride and will never bless it. Pride is what kicked Lucifer from heaven and caused many Godly people to fall. Pride is the first step of failure (Prov. 16:18). That “I can do it all myself” mentality will only lead to heartache. You need God and you need His people. Point, blank…PERIOD.

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Asking for what you need reminds us that we cannot do “life” without His power, provision, strength, grace or compassion. It demonstrates our helplessness and feebleness to get through life alone. Some people say Christianity is a crutch. I wholeheartedly agree. I need Him with every fiber of my being. Besides, every breathing human being needs a crutch. For some, it’s drugs, sex, alcohol, work, relationships and so on. At least my crutch is eternally dependable and blesses me boundlessly. I’ll bet they can’t say the same.

Yeah, the key to humility is remembering
that you are nothing but dust and that God
owes you nothing, even though He offers everything.

Finally, if you – no, when you ask God for anything, trust, believe and be persuaded that He is all-powerful and rewards those who diligently seek Him. This means He blesses you as you seek Him. Search His word to learn how He moves. Dig in to discover His nature. Pray to get His plan. Steadfast faith and complete reliance on God is critical in prayer. Otherwise, don’t expect to receive anything.

When you ask, don’t be afraid to rejoice in the “yes”; while being willing to accept the “no”.


Scriptures I reference:
Proverbs 103:4
2Peter 1:3
Hebrews 11:6

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  1. I love this line: “When you ask, don’t be afraid to rejoice in the ‘yes’; while being willing to accept the ‘no'”. I think that’s part of wholly surrendering to God’s plan. Pride is so hard. It’s hard to ask for help. But, as you said, our “crutch” is eternally dependable! Great post!!

  2. amen! when you think of the kings of the world today, we all know that not everybody has access, you can’t just approach them any time you want to. But we serve a King who has given us unlimited access into His very throne room, the holy of holies! Let us never take that for granted and come boldly before His throne – let us be anxious for nothing, and always asking Him to search our hearts and motives.

  3. I agree with you both! I’m amazed at Gods grace and patience with me.

    The “no’s” of life are tough, but thank God i can go to Him for comfort and peace during those seasons.

    I wrote this after someone I had been praying for went on to be with the Lord. Yep, no is tough, but with God even His no is laced with comfort.

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